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Our specially prepared Hot Smoked Sausage is an all time favorite served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll find our Hot Smoked Sausages spicy, juicy, and uniquely delicious with a distinct flavor that sets them apart from competitor brands. Skillet cooked or grilled, broiled or boiled, these sausages are great as a quick stand alone meal or as the meal’s center piece complemented by your choice of condiments, varied potato sides or salads, or colorful cheese or cracker selections.

polish-sausagePOLISH SAUSAGEbuy-online


A staple in a number of European cuisines, our Polish Sausage is augmented by a family recipe of spices and herbs to provide its own unique flavor. Our plump and savory Polish Sausage bursts with flavor in every bite. Traditionally sliced and boiled and served with sauerkraut and various mustards, Polish Sausage is also great for grilling with onions and served with rye bread. Parker House Polish Sausage represents a blending of cultures which migrated to Chicago in the early twentieth century and we believe we’ve incorporated the best qualities from each into preparation and presentation of our product.

head-cheeseHOT HEADCHEESEbuy-online


The origins of Headcheese, and subsequently Souse, date back to the earliest times of meat production and preparation in France, Germany, England, and later, America. Before supermarkets and grocery chains, people sought creative means to produce nutritious and practical meals from available livestock sources. One result was Headcheese which is high in protein and simple to combine with other products. Our Hot Headcheese improves on this standard dish by combining the product with a combination of tangy spices and herbs to provide a one-of-a-kind taste experience. Available in 10 lb. bulk or pre-sliced and packaged, our Hot Headcheese serves as a quick and tasty meal or snack when served, hot or cold, with specialty crackers and a variety of garnishes. Consider blending our Hot Headcheese with your favorite recipes or soups for an extra zing of flavor we know you’ll enjoy.

sagey-souceSAGEY SOUSEbuy-online


Traditional Headcheese is popularly served with a splash of vinegar and onions, so what would be more natural than to combine a special recipe of herbs, spices, and vinegar into a prepared product. Parker House Sagey Souse has done just that and made it available in 10 lb. bulk or convenient pre-sliced packages. Our Sagey Souse can be served as a standalone meal, hot or cold, or to supplement any dish such as hash brown potatoes and eggs for breakfast or selected cheeses and crackers for lunch and dinner. Remember, Parker House Sagey Souse introduces a special earthy flavor when combined with many of your favorite recipes.

chicken-hot-linksCHICKEN HOT LINKSbuy-online


Our spicy, juicy, Chicken Hot Links are made from 100% USDA inspected chicken – no pork or beef casing is ever used! Prepared using only premium cuts of minimally processed all natural chicken along with select herbs and spices – you’ll find that our Chicken Hot Links are every bit as delicious as our pork variety.

chicken-polishCHICKEN POLISHbuy-online


Our savory, super-flavorful, Chicken Polish Sausages are made from 100% USDA inspected chicken – no pork or beef casing is ever used! We prepare our Chicken Polish using premium cuts of minimally processed all natural chicken along with the perfect blending of select herbs and spices.

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It began with one man’s vision...

Founder, Judge H. Parker started it all when he began making sausage products using his mother’s unique blending of spices and selling them door to door. Family owned and operated since 1919, the Parker House name has been synonymous with quality meat products which are produced using generation-old family recipes.

Today, we continue Mr. Parker's legacy and just as in the early days, we remain dedicated to producing the finest quality products for you and your family to enjoy. Parker House Sausages - they really are as “good as you remember”!